AYS group of companies is among potential business groups of the country. The group is engaged in diversified businesses since 1956 & during past 6 decades the group has successfully ended & managed not only the existing business of electronics household equipment but was able to expend its industrial territories by acquiring safety matches, Food, Real Estate and International Trading.

With direct and indirect work force of more than 4000 skilled professionals across the country, the group is still exploring new horizons & joint ventures for new business with the Slogan, “We strive to secure sustainable growth & development”.

Our mission is to strive hard and devote our people through dedication and motivation to bring innovative solution for our customer through a team of highly skilled motivated professionals, equipped with latest technological advancement. We firmly believe not to compromise on quality & therefore remain successful to enjoy satisfied customer base.

Market Competiveness & Business Strength: The strengths of our organization and having well diversified portfolio make our organization a key performer and makes us stand out among our competitors. Our Historic sales and the increasing trend in market share indicate our better position.

Our teams represents highly experienced and professionally sound individuals who are eager to make every day better than the previous day for entire AYS Family.

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